Your wedding day is special, magnificent, wonderful and so many other adjectives that would fill a page but none of which could describe the raw emotion….although it can be captured. Reliving every moment, looking back at all the glances, giggles and loving gazes that only video can provide.

We produce every video bespoke for you. On the day we will be very discreet and dressed for the occasion trying to blend in as much as possible as not to disturb the natural flow and beauty of every moment.

So why choose us? All our weddings will be shot using two full HD cameras, one professional camcorder and one DSLR. The perfect combination for achieving a cinematic quality video with perfect audio. We can work alongside our clients to make sure they get the perfect video for them, giving us the chance to really tailor your wedding video for you. This means you can join in with the creative process or sit back and know that you will be receiving a high quality piece from a trustworthy source.

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Here is our latest wedding video.